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Guiding Principles

Our Core Values

We believe that peace is a continuous, active, and dynamic relationship among nations that needs to be nurtured and sustained.

We believe that we are all part of a common humanity that binds us all together as a single human family that cherishes and seeks peace.

We believe that human interaction transcends political, religious, cultural, linguistic, and international boundaries.

We believe that peacebuilding efforts are indispensable and necessary conditions for creating a climate for effective peace negotiations.

We believe that partnership, mutuality, and cooperation are essential ingredients for achieving an enduring peace.

We believe that citizens have the right and responsibility to participate in formulating and furthering a strategy for peace.

Our Roles and Goals

We act as a catalyst for generating conflict transformation and creating a warm climate of peace that is conducive to settling the Arab-Israeli conflict:

  • We promote a shared, transcendent vision of peace as a new context that generates opportunities for cooperation and understanding.
  • We influence the public to redefine the conception of peace: Rethink the negative notion of conflict resolution and embrace peacebuilding as an affirmative alternative way to engage in a constructive peace.
  • We enhance inter-personal, inter-communal, and inter-faith understanding by promoting the common heritage, by emphasizing the virtue of cultural diversity, and by breaking down life-long stereotypes.

We act as a conduit for facilitating and implementing a transnational Track II diplomacy in the Middle East:

  • We empower people everywhere to take responsibility as citizens for forwarding the peace process.
  • We open multiple channels of communication and establish a variety of responsible interactions between Arabs and Israelis.
  • We help identify new possibilities and areas of accommodation that can be developed by Track I official diplomats.

We act as an advocate of policies that promote transnational, people-to-people interactions in the Middle East:

  • We mobilize the international community and Middle East governments to support alternative mechanisms for resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict.
  • We build international, transnational, and national nongovernmental networks of cooperation and communication in support of peace in the region.
  • We take the lead in generating broad public support for peace through education, communication, dialogue, and conflict-resolution training.

Make a Personal Commitment to Peace in the Middle East

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